Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review: Essie's Repstyle Magnetics

I just came back from Target where I was so excited to see that Essie finally came out with their own magnetic nail collection! A lot of other brands have magnetic products but this was my first experience with them. I liked how Essie's looked like they had a sort of quilted effect which is different than the other ones I've seen.

I purchased 4 of the 6 colors. First I'll get into the individual color reviews and at the end I'll give my overall review on the product and what I think of the application and all that jazz.

From L to R: sssssexy, crocadilly, snake it up, and lil' boa peep
 sssssexy "a striking, scintillating sanguine"
This metallic, shimmery red is a really gorgeous color for winter time. The finish is very shiny and perfect if you are looking for a little twist to a classic color.
crocadilly "a croc hunter green"

Out of the four I tried, I'd say this one is the most dramatic. The contrast between the two colors is the most striking. 

snake it up "a pewter pavé python"

One of my favorites out of the bunch, I'd say this one is the most subtle.  It's definitely blue but has some purple metallic sheen to it.

lil' boa peep "copperhead titanium"

This is a gorgeous copper, champagne shade with a great metallic sheen.  Again, great for the holidays. 
Price: $10.99 at Target, $11.25 from Essie

(Not all Target stores have this collection but on their website you can double check and see which nearby Target carries them.)

Review: So as I said earlier this is my first time trying magnetic polishes, keep that in mind while reading my review since I do not have anything to compare them to. I'll start by saying I think these are an excellent way to add some texture to your nails and create some visual interest that's different from anything I've seen. Usually when I see the magnetic polishes I find that the shapes they create are kind of strange but I love that these one's create a sort of "quilted" effect. The colors all looked gorgeous after one coat and I could have easily use them all on their own without the magnet and still have been satisfied. 
The polish dried really quickly and the first coat went on really evenly and smoothly. The colors are opaque and 2 coats is all you need for the desired look. As it says in the instructions (listed below) you are supposed to hold the magnet in place and as close as possible for 5 seconds. Although the effect is really cool, it was not applied to my entire nail, just the top. The sides were still the plain color which is ok but not what I was expecting. When I tired to then apply the magnetic effect to the sides of my nails it wouldn't work since the polish was already beginning to dry, kind of a let down in that respect. Each nail I tried to go faster so that I could get the entire nail but it never quite worked like it was supposed to. 
Regardless, as long as you aren't expecting your entire nail to be the snakeskin effect, I think they are a really cool way to switch up your nails!

Instructions: Start by applying 1 coat of the Essie base coat that best suits your nail needs. Then apply one coat of Essie Snakeskin Magnetic Polish. For the second coat of polish, paint one nail at a time. Immediately after polishing each nail, hold the magnet over wet polish (as close as possible without touching) for 5 seconds to reveal the snakeskin design. Seal the deal by applying one coat of your favorite Essie top coat.

What do you guys think? Have you tried these or any other magnetic nail polishes?


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  2. WHY would you not clean up your nails before posting a picture?! Looks like a 2 year old painted them.

  3. Ditto on the side nails...I wish there was some way to accomplish the look all over! And holy rude comment above...