Monday, March 24, 2014

Styling Clip-In Hair Extensions!

The very first video I ever uploaded to YouTube was my "How to Style Clip In Hair Extensions" tutorial and is by far my most viewed video. Since that was over 2 years ago and the way I style my hair has changed a bit, I decided to do an updated version of this video and show how I currently put in and style my hair extensions. Above I've posted the video and below is a written step-by-step guide with pictures. 

Before and After

First I spray my roots with my favorite dry shampoo by Batiste. Not only can this product be used to remove excess oil between washes but it's great to add body to your hair. I apply it before teasing when I want to ensure that my extensions stay put. Read more about this product on my previous Hair Favorites blog post.

Make sure to brush the dry shampoo out of your hair completely so you aren't left with any of that gray powder. I like to make sure my hair is tangle free so my extensions don't get ratty throughout the day.

Next, using a parting comb like this one, I part my hair in half about an inch or two over my ears. This is wear my widest extension (4 clips) is going to go. I tie my top half of hair in a pony tail or clip.

I take the remaining hair on the bottom half and divide it layer by layer into three equal parts and pin to the top of my head with bobby pins. I find that when I take the extra time to separate my hair neatly it makes clipping in my extensions a much easier and quicker process.

This is what I'm left with after pinning up my hair.

After teasing my hair in the sections where I'll place the clips, I clip in my first 2-clip extension. (Many people use both the two clip extension on the sides of their head but it depends on what fits best with your head size. Play around with the extensions or take them to a hairstylist to figure our what works best for you.)

Layer by layer I take down my hair and clip in the extensions after teasing near the roots.

If there are any pieces of my natural hair that aren't blending properly, I use my GHD flat iron to curl them away from my face, with the curls of the extensions.

I use the parting comb again to section out layers of hair on the sides of my face.

I make sure to curl my natural hair away from my face when it comes to the top half of my head since this hair is shown more.

I tease my natural hair when necessary to hide the extension clips.

After applying the side clips I use my Remington Curling Wand to curl random sections that need more polishing.

Once all the clips are secured, I release the rest of my natural hair and wand it.

I finish off with a little of my favorite hairspray by L'oreal. Make sure you are focusing the hairspray on your natural hair. Avoid putting too product on your extensions in general or else you will be forced to wash them more often, shortening their lifespan. 

All done!