Monday, April 30, 2012

BIG Beautiiiful Lips!

A few weeks ago a made a tutorial showing you guys how to make my favorite DIY lip scrub... not only does that scrub prep your lips for any product you choose (gloss, lipstick, pencil, etc.) it also makes them look BIGGG!

Continuing on with the bigger is better theme when it comes to your lips.. today I put together a tutorial demonstrating how to accentuate your pretty pout and make it stand out!

Here's the steps!!
1. Using a white eye pencil (Jessie's Girl, Walmart, $1) draw a line following along your cupids bow.
2. Blend that in with a brush or your finger.
3. Apply a bright pink lipstick pencil (Sephora "Strawberry Delish" $14) focusing on the edges.
4. Apply a lighter pink color (NARS "Roman Holiday" $24) to the center of your top and bottom lips.
5. Finish off with a plumping gloss (Soap and Glory SexyMotherpucker in Peachy Pink, $10) for extra plumpness and to blend everything together!

What do you guys think? Do you like big, statement lips or do you think its too crazy?!

ps... if you like my braid, check out this video :)

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