Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rainy Day Outfit!

Rainy days can be so blahhh and depressing. Most days sans the sun I tend to wear dark colors but.... my new free people printed lace raincoat arrived from Karmaloop today so I decided to take inspiration from that and wear a colorful and cute outfit today!

(If you clicked the links above you probably noticed the 58% price difference of the raincoats... same coat... half off on Karmaloop... plus an additional 20% off using my rep code "Sara1991" please tell me WHYYY wouldn't you order from Karmaloop?!?!)

Everything I wore today is new except for my rain boots that I purchased at Target last year... I found a VERY similar pair here.

My neon yellow concert corset bra from American Eagle is an amazing way to wear neon in a small dose, especially if you've never experimented with the trend before. The lace detailing on the side looks beautiful peaking out of tank tops like this floral one I'm wearing from Free People. The yellow color is also in the print and the bra makes it stand out even more!

My shorts are from Forever 21 and I LOVEE the studded detailing. Yes, I probably could have made these myself but they were under 20 bucks and knowing me I would have ended up spending three times the amount on the supplies to make them.

You can probably tell I don't have any makeup on today.. thats because I left a face mask on too long and now it looks like I have a sunburn. It also feels like a sunburn... ouch! Let me know if you guys have any remedies for this because its been 2 days already and isn't getting better!!

Hope you guys enjoy my video and try and remember to make the best of everyday, even if it's hard to see the sun!

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